2015: Goals

Ever since Regan published his 52 challenges last year I’ve wanted to produce a list of my own. I’ve seen a couple of people I follow on Twitter do annual goal/resolutions lists and these have inspired me to begin this yearly practice. Resolutions can be pretty baseless, and quantitative self is all the rage, so I think making a public declaration of your goals provides some additional motivation.

My aim is for 24 goals, and I expect some of the goals will feed into each other.


  1. Read 20 books – for the sticklers, this includes physical books, ebooks and audiobooks. You can see what I’m reading in the books section of this site http://www.magro.me/books/. Here is also a list of the books that are on my To Read list on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/6605382?shelf=to-read
  2. Watch 52 movies – Over the past couple of year I’ve been disappointed in the movies I haven’t made time to see. This year I am taking a more proactive approach with one a week. My movie watching habits will be tracked here http://letterboxd.com/magro/.
  3. Finish 4 TV season that I have started – Like most people I have too many tv shows on the go. This is an attempt to finish some of them.
  4. Eat 12 foods I’ve never had before – This goal was stolen straight from Regan’s list, and is an attempt to be a more adventurous eater.


  1. Brew 12 beers – This feeds into the “Win a brewing award” listed below. There more I brew, the more likely one of them is going to be a winner.
  2. Build 1 new website – So many ideas, so little time. I’d like to have at lease one built and deployed by the end of the year.
  3. Make cheese – I’ve been meaning to do this with Mel for ages. I think it would be fun, and rewarding. My plan is to buy one of these kits http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/The-Great-Ozi-Cheese-Making-Kit-DIY-Cheddar-Fetta-Mozarella-Haloumi-/330845352825?pt=AU_Food&hash=item4d07eb7379
  4. Make a meal of only things I have grown – This one has been on my bucket list for years.
  5. Do something to honour Jarrod’s memory – I’d like some sort of tangible reminder of Jarrod. Current ideas are to try at naming a street after him, or buying a fund raising brick with his name on it.

Personal Growth

  1. Travel to 2 new places – Who doesn’t like to travel.
  2. Go for 52 runs this year – One a week, and it feeds into the lose 10kg goal.
  3. No alcohol intake 2 days per week – Having four craft beers permanently on tap at your home can be dangerous. It’s all too easy to grab a beer to have with dinner. I want to make sure there are alcohol free days each week.
  4. Make an effort to catch up with a friend each month – I want to make a conscious effort to catch up with a different friend each month. The year tends to get away from you pretty quickly before you know it.
  5. Attend 60% of soccer training sessions – I get into this habit of missing one training session, then missing them all. It’s hard to balance work, family and a couple of hobbies, so this is an attempt to make soccer training a priority.
  6. Lose 10kg – Need to shed a few.
  7. Be proud of the amount of quality time I spend with Mel and Harriette – With so much going on this year, I want to make sure I’m making time for my family.

Professional Growth

  1. Take part in a MOOC – This is a little bit cheeky as I’m already enrolled in MITx’s Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer? – https://www.edx.org/course/entrepreneurship-101-who-customer-mitx-15-390-1x#.VLJfmoqUdmE
  2. Read a “… for Dummies” style book in order to come closer to mastering a topic – I want to deep dive into a topic that is relevant to my new job. Not sure of the book yet, but when it arrives, I’ll know it.
  3. Make a effort to meet 3 new people each week – Starting a new job at a company of 1,600 people, I want to make sure I’m taking the time to get to know new people within the organisation.


  1. Exceed expectations in my new role – This is may be optimistic as I’m sure I’ll be trying to keep my head above water for a while. In saying that I’m joining at a great time, so I want to be kicking goals from day one.
  2. Get one of my sites to the top of Google for “Ben Magro” – As a challenge I’d like to implement some SEO best practices, along with more of my content to drive my ranking up in Google.
  3. Win a brewing award – The first year I entered the castle hill show I walked away with two awards. I’ve come up short the last two years in a row. This year my aim is to win a category.
  4. Do a presentation at a web event – I’d love to get up an talk at a Web Directions – What Do You Know. Just need to write the topic.
  5. Commit to an open source project – This has been a long term goal. I want to contribute to an open source project. No idea what language or topic. This will be a stretch.

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